Redeem the code "300sealsforfree" in the ingame shop, it should remain valid until the end of the shop's maintenance at least.

Published on 11th Jun 2015 18:33 by Eth

26th May (Tuesday) - Yukiko's Shrine
29th May (Friday) - Sveltana

Published on 26th May 2015 01:53 by Eth

19th May (Tuesday) - Surging Titan
22nd May (Friday) - Dhamiria

Published on 18th May 2015 23:19 by Eth

They're priced at 20k gold as expected and good luck to all with your pack opening!

Published on 13th May 2015 02:09 by Eth

12th May (Tuesday) - Doom Bringer
15th May (Friday) - Yukiko

Published on 11th May 2015 23:08 by Eth

You can send your thanks to Aranarth (the creator of Replay Manager) for these images!

Published on 6th May 2015 18:50 by Eth

A nice week for usable cards!

05th May (Tuesday) - Army of the Dead
08th May (Friday) - Anton

Published on 4th May 2015 13:33 by Eth