28th April (Tuesday / Today) - Deep Mountain Yeti
1st May (Friday) - Zardoc

Published on 28th Apr 2015 14:20 by Eth

Sorry for the late news again, so just one left to announce for Friday 24th April: Mother Namtaru (the old one)

Published on 22nd Apr 2015 17:52 by Eth

A common complaint with the recent game update is the amount of new effects displayed on top of cards during a match, that can make it harder to see cards and their stats. But DoC has limited modding support so, while waiting for an option to do it within the game, why not do it yourself?

Published on 20th Apr 2015 20:24 by Eth

All old decks/replays have been archived and website is ready for some new ones!

Published on 20th Apr 2015 18:18 by Eth

A global code to redeem for a very-small ToR pack: R01F-BIU9-54HD-HF52

Published on 17th Apr 2015 02:52 by Eth

A bit late to post the pit epics this week (or just in time for the first, Hikyu is in the pit right now) but it's a nice one with 2 well played cards!

14th April (Tuesday) - Hikyu
17th April (Friday) - Nahla

Published on 14th Apr 2015 18:29 by Eth

BlueByte finally announced a release date for the long-awaited Time of Renewal expansion, for the 15th April! So what can we expect from that patch?

Published on 7th Apr 2015 18:39 by Eth