Two cards that aren't played much this week but at least a non-seeker hero that might be a new one for some of you!

07th April (Tuesday) - Namtaru Channeler
10th April (Friday) - Takana Osore

Published on 7th Apr 2015 11:31 by Eth

Two old cards this week, remember the Shinje Warrior is only 8 WC at the altar if you're short on spare cards to dump.

31st March (Tuesday) - Shinje Warrior
03rd April (Friday) - Garant

Published on 30th Mar 2015 16:38 by Eth

It's far from the best pit week, but that's maybe a missing (and rarely played) epic fortune to finish your GB collection for some of you.

24th March (Tuesday) - Bloodscar Totem
27th March (Friday) - Cassandra

Published on 23rd Mar 2015 15:35 by Eth

A quick update about the recent changes to the website and some of the things to come.

Published on 16th Mar 2015 23:28 by Eth

This week you'll be able to complete your Deleb rush deck (if you didn't cave in and used the altar of wishes already) and get a SoB hero that you might not have gotten from packs yet!

17th March (Tuesday) - Lava Spawn
20th March (Friday) - Elisabeth

Published on 16th Mar 2015 18:34 by Eth

Just a quick warning so you guys know what might cause a few glitches on your side.

Published on 13th Mar 2015 20:11 by Eth

An interesting week for the pit with a Sins of Betrayal card and a possible premium BS1 hero for the premium deck achievment for those still needing one!

10th March (Tuesday) - Time-Bender Djinn
13th March (Friday) - Seria

Published on 9th Mar 2015 16:46 by Eth