03rd March (Tuesday) - Shi-no-Shi
06th March (Friday) - Kat

Published on 2nd Mar 2015 22:30 by Eth

You won't do it for faster news of the draft mode or previews of incoming ToR cards but for seals. And you have until 13th March to get it done.

Published on 28th Feb 2015 09:57 by Eth

This week looks good!

24th February (Tuesday) - Hasafah
27th February (Friday) - Anastasya

Published on 23rd Feb 2015 19:01 by Eth

17th February (Tuesday) - Angel of Salvation
20th February (Friday) - Shalan

Published on 16th Feb 2015 16:37 by Eth

It's called Time of Renewal, containing 24 new cards and 146 redesigned open cards for a total of 170 new cards for standard play!

Published on 14th Feb 2015 13:18 by Eth

10th Feb (Tuesday) - Arcane Eagle
13th Feb (Friday) - Charity

Published on 9th Feb 2015 20:19 by Eth

3rd February - Seria's Legion
6th February - Akane

Published on 3rd Feb 2015 12:30 by Eth