Short version, redeem this code ingame: WY15-UO9F-5SKW-8GZ2-YA09

Published on 20th Jan 2015 10:43 by Eth

Quick version: replay uploading works again with SoB replays.

Published on 10th Dec 2014 11:03 by Eth

The 100 new cards from Sins of Betrayal have been added to the website.

Published on 2nd Oct 2014 19:42 by Eth

Some interesting things are coming to both the website and game in the next few weeks!

Published on 18th Sep 2014 19:38 by Eth

Deck builder now has an option to only load the cards the hero you choose can play, to speed up laod times and maybe increase performances on low end hardware.

Published on 2nd Sep 2014 16:35 by Eth

Deck pages now have edit buttons to change title/description.

Published on 23rd Aug 2014 21:31 by Eth

Took me some time, but there it is, with 2 mill decks, that survived the testing phase, to have something in that section already!

Published on 22nd Aug 2014 00:01 by Eth