Footer has a dropdown to select in the cards' lang, with just english and portuguese for now.

Published on 19th Aug 2014 03:54 by Eth

Our french friends from Platoon Gaming are organising a big 128-slot tournament with some neat prizes!

Published on 14th Aug 2014 21:45 by Eth

Replay page finally has a functionnal search, video conversion works better and deck builder is slowly taking form

Published on 9th Aug 2014 03:59 by Eth

Replay section now has an upload section to get your replays on the website (which is also a way to share decks for now!)

Published on 3rd Aug 2014 16:32 by Eth

The website is getting closer to usable, so it's time to make a real homepage and inaugurate the news system with a progress report.

Published on 1st Aug 2014 13:57 by Eth