Published on 11th Jun 2015 18:33 by Eth

Redeem the code "300sealsforfree" in the ingame shop, it should remain valid until the end of the shop's maintenance at least.

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It works! Thank you very much ;)

Posted by vukota89 Jun 11 15 pm30 07:52 PM

The code still works!! Thanks.

Posted by WonWill369 Jul 16 15 am31 09:59 AM

Thanks!! work very well!

Posted by Ayahuasca Oct 05 15 am31 04:03 AM

it still works, thank you..

Posted by ayhan2080 Jan 16 16 am31 10:25 AM

Wow, still works. Thank you very much!

Posted by Kelrond Jan 25 16 pm31 08:28 PM

still works? but what i get?

Posted by galoshik Jan 25 16 pm31 11:43 PM

still works!!!

Posted by john37greece May 02 16 pm31 04:57 PM

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